Interesting Facts

A Secret Passage

A legend says (but there are also some oral testimonies of the first years of last century) that at the foot of one of the towers of the castle there was a secret passage which led to Candigliano river at the foot of the mountain. This passage, just like in many other castles, was the escape route for the people under siege. It was a long tunnel (2 kilometres long) running in the bowels of the mountain and thanks to which, in the 13th century, the proud landlady could save her life. Legend or truth?

D. Sacco, I borghi di Rosa e di Bianco, “La provincia dei cento borghi” , Vol.1

(The pictures to the side are from the book “La provincia di Pesaro Urbino” by Oreste Tarquinio Locchi, 1930)

The Kestrel

A bizarre guest is often visiting Naro Castle: it is a female kestrel (falco tinnyculus), a young sentinel which, in time, became a familiar and reassuring presence. The bird of prey, indeed, often stays on windowsills observing the hills and the fields, always vigilant and attentive, waiting for some preys. If you are so lucky to find it perched somewhere, you could observe it for a long time since it does not notice nor get scared. A rare privilege.

Promenade to the Third Olive Tree

Through a small alley not far form the Castle, you can start a walk through the heart of the small wood of the Castle. There are some benches to sit and spend some time with yourselves, to isolate yourselves surrounded by the sweet rustle of the wind among leaves and the delicate fragrances of the nature hidden in the woods.

The Old Cistern

It is located inside the castle in the basement of the Convivial Room. This space is built in the rock and it was filled with rainwater through a canal system which used to collect water from the inner courtyard and canalise it through two holes into the cistern. It was and irreplaceable provision of water for the inhabitants of the castle. Today it is closed with a glass from which it is possible to observe the whole space thanks to the inner lighting.

The Ice-House

The cellar of the Castle originally was the “snow cellar”, that is the ice-house: a sort of refrigerating room used in the Middle Ages by the families living in Naro Castle. While going downstairs, on the right wall, it is still possible to see the grooves left by the canes used to cover the wall: a system of thermic isolation to preserve food provisions.