The Castle of Abbadia di Naro was bought in 2008 by the Stocchi family who, after five years of a patient and demanding restoration, opened it to the public in 2013. The intervention was meant to give the place its symbolic dignity back and to delete the signs of destruction perpetrated during centuries, so it has been carried out in a very accurate way and it brought the Castle back to its ancient splendour, keeping its charm unchanged and combining historic rigour and innovation.

Many materials had been recovered in order to maintain their deep and intimate connection with the essence of the place. Even the wellness areas, such as the sauna, the Turkish bath, the pool with jacuzzi in the rocks and the chromotherapy shower stalls, are harmoniously integrated in the architectural and natural elements of this evocative place and are able to make you live an experience of total harmony with the ancient dwelling and the landscape surrounding it.

Today Naro Castle is an extraordinary location for events, ceremonies and exclusive holidays.

«I remember the Castle of Abbadia di Naro as a place where kids used to play, where imagination used to find its physical concreteness and the tangible riskiness of the place, with its roughness, the instability of the ruins full of history and the overhanging cliffs, from which you could admire the underlying hamlet of Naro and Candigliano river and where you could feel strong and powerful. The ruins, the architecture and the place itself used to preserve a strong spirit, still surviving and reigning, precise and clear, like fire under the embers. A spirit which could, perhaps, still dictate the rules for the restoration of the place; I could perceive a mysterious breathe (nullus locus sine Genio – there is no place without Spirit) which – it was clear to me – could really take possess of the place and make magical encounters with the past live again.»

Italo Grilli, Proefssional Engineer