The Territory

Naro Castle is in the middle of Montefeltro, in a strip of land set in the Central Apennines, in the north of the Marche where Emilia Romagna and Tuscany meet. The heart of Montefeltro beats at the rhythm of the town of Urbino on one side and the town of San Leo on the other side. Out of the great communication routes, Montefeltro is not a place that you “meet” just passing by, but it requires some “dedicated” time to give it the attention it deserves. In this way, you will discover secret views, suffused colours, genuine fragrances and uncontaminated places. The traveller will be fascinated by medieval hamlets, mills and churches, and will be enthusiastic to discover evocative spots by walking through mountain paths and unexpected panoramas.

Tourist destinations in the territory

CAGLI – 16 km (19m)
URBINO – 28,2 km (35m)
GUBBIO – 44,7 km (40m)
FANO – 50 km (40m)
GRADARA – 58 km (1h 10m)
PESARO – 61 km (55m)
SENIGALLIA – 74,2 km (55m)
ANCONA – 90 km (1h)
RIMINI – 90 km (1h)
ASSISI – 97,3 km (1h 20m)
PERUGIA – 98,7 km (1h 20m)
FIRENZE – 180 km (2h 30m)